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"...and therein lies the magic. Tens of thousands of people out there, listening, each envisioning their own motion picture of the mind. And that is what we give our audience, Miss Roberts. We give them dreams. We give them towers and landscapes, secrets and revelations. We give them a warm hearth in the dark...or a cold shiver up their spine. And we do it all here, live, on the sparest of threadbare budgets, with a troupe of actors who, underpaid and underrehearsed and overwhelmed, have yet to learn that this simply...cannot...be done. Miss Roberts, you are standing in the wings of the most unbounded stage in creation. Say you'll join our company."

With these words in the premiere episode of Remember WENN, "On the Air", Victor Comstock layed out the exciting challenge met by the staff of radio station WENN in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, circa 1940.

Remember WENN is a series created by Rupert Holmes which aired weekly on the television cable network (United States) American Movie Classics (AMC).

I taught myself HTML in early 1997, but had no reason to put a page on the World Wide Web. There wasn't anything I felt I could add that wasn't already being done better by someone else.

During Spring, 1997, Michael Waters created the USENET newsgroup, alt.tv.remember-wenn, that allowed me to rant...er...make posts about Remember WENN, a show which was quickly becoming one of my favorites. When the third season started, I began making weekly posts about each episode. The posts originally tried to briefly touch on a few moments in the episode, the best lines and some scenes which may have been foreshawdowing.

Trying to capture the best lines quickly wore me out. Clever puns and twists on words were ricocheting throughout each episode. The scripts assumed the viewer had a vocabulary larger than 2000 grunts and cultural knowledge beyond the latest tabloid headlines. (Massive understatement wrapped in criticism of most popular entertainment.)

So, within the space of a few episodes, my posts changed to concentrate on scenes I felt most interesting and little bits I felt might be overlooked. There was a lot of attention to detail in the episodes and I hated to see such work unnoticed. Obviously I could only remark on a small amount and a lot still went by, uncommented on by me or by others.

To distinguish my posts from others who, as I, simply titled them with the epipsode, I looked for a name that could evoke the sense of journeying though the episode while carrying something of my own name in it. For better or worse, I came up with Rodney Walks Through..., somewhat of a shortened Rodney Walker Walks Through....

In spite of my meglomania <g>, there were nice compliments about my posts and Joshua Boehme took the initiative and asked if he could host them on his site.

After a few weeks, I realized that this was the unique thing I could put on the web that wouldn't simply duplicate someone else's efforts.

And so my Remember WENN fan site was born in January, 1998...at Netcom.

However, I quickly began pushing the limits of the space available and moved most of my site to simplenet during the summer.

Two years later, Yahoo purchased simplenet and announced storage and bandwidth reductions that would take effect January, 2001. Thus was forged a much longer lasting residence at liquidweb in December, 2000.

Over time, while still WENN oriented, my site has grown to host much more than my weekly posts to alt.tv.remember-wenn. Working on it has caused me to increase my skills with computer audio, computer graphics, computer fonts and more.

However, in 2016, liquidweb no longer wanted to host shared web servers where sites resided in subdomains and sold off such sites to deluxehosting. However, deluxehosting also did not not want user subdomains hanging off their primary domain; rabat.liquidweb.com would never give way to rabat.deluxehosting.com. Thus, the domain agitatoalert.com was created.

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