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[ Sound Bites ]

On the Air - The main radio page. Relive the days of listening to the voices of Amazon Andy, Selma Flatbush, Brent and Daphne, Colonel Moore and the town Bonneyville Mills.

WENNmas - The Radio Station WENN Christmas Long Playing Record.

Classic Christmas - Information on the commercially available Christmas recordings of the WENN era.

Rendezvous in Rabat - Rabat, a magnet of intrigue during the World War.

The Tome of the Tomb - "Don't Look Now" - A WENN tradition broadcast each Friday the 13th.

[ Specialities ]

WENNamp - A Remember WENN themed Winamp skin.

WENNfan Get Together, 2000 - In May, 2000, several WENN fans met in Columbus, Ohio, to visit museums, give fan fiction awards, watch Remember WENN and just have fun. This is my report.

International Mystery Writers' Festival, 2008 - In June, 2008, a new Remember WENN play, based on "On the Air" and "Armchair Detective," debuted at a Festival in Owensboro, KY. I went to see it. I also saw a museum, two other plays, and a talk by author Kit Ehrman on writing. Plus, I met up with some other WENN fans for dinner and the play. This is my report.

[ Sides ]

Just In - What's new on the site.

Links - A minimalist set of WENN links.

About - The concise history of this site.

[ Entrées ]

Walk Throughs - During the 3rd and 4th seasons, I posted musings on each episode in the alt.tv.remember-wenn Usenet newsgroup. They, and some retro "Walk Throughs" are collected here.

Grab Lab - Our WENN people in screen grabs galore.

WENN in the Gridlines - Beyond the simple screen grab. Multiple images spliced together, the WENN wallpaper, and other experiments.

[ Appetizers ]

Season 4 Promotions - 5 special season 4 promo shorts aired prior to season 4, each featuring two WENN actors in character. If you missed them, here are transcriptions I made with an accompanying image.

Road to Rabat - One of a series of "Wacky Resolutions" I churned out during the 12 Days of Christmas, 1997, after the stunning airing of "Happy Homecomings" on 27 December. The best of the lot, following the theme of the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby "Road" films (films which WENN tipped a fedora to in one of the alternate endings of "Road to Rabat").