Dina Spybey in "Julian Po" (1997)

AKA "The Tears of Julian Po"

Dee and Other Townspeople Watch the Stranger

[ The women consider the merits of illegal fun the stranger might introduce ]

Dee and her Husband, Bobby

[ Dee, Bobby and Dee's acquired strays ]

Dee Makes Her First Vist to Julian But Loses Resolve

[ Dee gives Julian a Bible ] [ Dee begins to sit on the bed ] [ At the touch of the bed, Dee nervously exits, almost Celia-like ]

Dee Makes Her Second Visit, Determined

[ Dee visits Julian again ] [ "I'd do anything..." ] [ Julian considers taking advantage ] [ Julian decides against ]

Bobby Has Left Dee, Based on Julian's Advice

[ Based on a conversation with Julian, Bobby leaves Dee ] [ The shot emphasizes Dee's feelings of desertion ] [ Dee watches Julian walk away ]

Dee's Last Appearance in Film

[ Dina watches as Julian tries to walk out of the town ]

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