Hugh O'Gorman in The 10th Kingdom (2000)

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The 10th Kingdom

Hugh's Name in the Opening Credits

[ Birkett, Lewis, O'Gorman ]

The Above Three Playing...

[ Three Trolls Under Sentence ]

Hugh's/Burly's First Closeup

[ Burly the Troll ]

Nice Lighting Reminiscent of WENN's

[ Trapped in an Elevator ]

"Torture first, then you talk. It's better that way."

[ Troll Toy ]

Burly the Fierce

[ Fierce Burly ]

Golden Times for the Trolls

[ Moments Before Contact ] [ Minutes After Contact ] [ Frozen Rage ] [ Frozen Rage Closeup ] [ Burley Closeup ]

Making of The 10th Kingdom

Hugh, Not Burly Guy

[ Hugh O'Gorman ]

Troll Making

[ Three Transformations ] [ Hugh Is Ready for Makeup ]


[ In Between Takes ] [ Trolls Don't Eat Cameras Do They? ]

Hugh Forgets a Lyric and Waves Instead

[ Hi! ]

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