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Semaphore Comments From Tom Beckett

From Fri Sep 18 15:48:51 1998
Subject: Mr. Foley and the Flags
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 19:48:51 GMT

Hi!  I wrote Tom Beckett about that flag scene.  He wrote me back, I thought
I would share what he said with you....

"I' haven't sat down to watch the episode, yet, so I don't know what letters
I'm actually signing after all the editing was done, but when we shot the
scene, I said (I hope you're familiar with Cole Porter):

"Birds do it
  Bees do it
  Eugenia, let's do it"

Well, I thought that was sweet.  I love that Cole Porter song.	I remember
when Frank Sinatra and Shirley McLaine sang it.


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