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Stars in the House, 23 Feb 2022

Season 1

On the Air

Season 2


Season 3

In the WENN Small Hours...
Prior to Broadway
Who's Scott Sherwood
The New Actor
Two for the Price of One
The Importance of Being Betty
Mr. & Mrs. Singer
Nothing Up My Sleeve
A Star in Stripes Forever
A Girl Like Maple
From the Pen of Gertrude Reece
Eugenia Bremer, Master Spy
Courting Disaster
And How
The Ghost of WENN
Caller I. D.
Happy Homecomings

Season 4

Some Time, Some Station
Thanks A Lottery
You've Met Your Match
And If I Die Before I Sleep
Hilary's Agent
Birth of a Station
The Follies of WENN
Work Shift
Past Tense, Future Imperfect
The Sunset Also Rises
At Cross Purposes
All's Noisy on the Pittsburgh Front

All season 3 in one file.

All season 4 in one file.

Episode Jogger

Season One

1. "On the Air" - Betty arrives as an intern.
2. "Klondike 9366" - Victor decides to introduce talk radio.
3. "A Rock and a Soft Place" - Two fisted action meets Shakespeare as Sam Dane is introduced.
4. "There But for the Grace" - Grace Cavendish graces the station with a rendition of the theme song.
5. "Sight Unseen" - Mackie Bloom IS...The Vagabond!
6. "Emperor Smith" - WENN must keep Mackie's temporary stand-in out of sight.
7. "Who's Minding the Asylum?" - The staff stands in for the actors who are away.
8. "Armchair Detective" - An escaped convict forces a reenactment.
9. "Hilary Booth, Registered Nurse" - Hilary Booth IS...Jane Timmons, Registered Nurse.
10. "Valentino Speaks" - The cast is hired to complete an unfinished Valentino film.
11. "A Capital Idea" - Scott Sherwood arrives and puts ads and shows on blend.
12. "Popping the Question" - Scott decides to introduce rigged quiz shows.
13. "World of Tomorrow" - The 1939/1940 World's Fair and the London Blitz.

Season Two

14. "Radio Silence" - The London Blitz has killed one of WENN's own and injured another.
15. "I Now Pronounce You Man and Wife Again" - Jeff and Hilary exult in their renewed passion.
16. "Some Good News, Some Bad News" - Scott introduces an all news format on WENNsday.
17. "Don't Act Like That" - Hilary's mentor runs an acting academy.
18. "The Diva That Wouldn't Die" - The sponsor of The Hands of Time wants Hilary off the show.
19. "Christmas in the Airwaves" - Christmas, 1940, introduces Rollie Pruitt, the once and future Scrooge.
20. "Behind Every Great Woman" - I gotta sing or I'll die.
21. "Strange Bedfellows" - Jeff and Hilary throw their hats in the political ring.
22. "Close Quarters" - The station is quarantined.
23. "Scott Sherwood of the F.B.I." - Scott's been misleading Aunt Agatha.
24. "The First Mrs. Bloom" - The woman Mackie left at the altar 20 years ago is a program sponsor.
25. "Like a Brother" - Mr. Foley's obnoxious brother arrives as the representative for a sponsor.
26. "Magic" - Scott's cryptographic skills from the Spanish Civil War unveil a nasty secret.

Season Three

27. "In the WENN Small Hours..." - Victor's death was made more of than it should have been.
28. "Prior to Broadway" - An affected writer brings tragedy to the Singers.
29. "Who's Scott Sherwood" - The truth of Scott's arrival at WENN is revealed.
30. "The New Actor" - Jeff returns to London and a replacement is found.
31. "Two for the Price of One" - WEEP for WENN and garden with Gertie.
32. "The Importance of Being Betty" - The New Yorker offers Betty a job.
33. "Mr. & Mrs. Singer" - Mrs. Singer visits the station.
34. "Nothing Up My Sleeve" - The Astonishing Ballinger amazes Hilary.
35. "A Star in Stripes Forever" - Mackie Bloom, Listen to Your Life.
36. "A Girl Like Maple" - Congressman Faraday woos Maple.
37. "From the Pen of Gertrude Reece" - "Rendezvous in Rabat."
38. "Eugenia Bremer, Master Spy" - Is Eugenia honoring Hitler?
39. "Courting Disaster" - Jeff sues Hilary.
40. "And How" - The Strange Loner is unmasked.
41. "The Ghost of WENN" - Hilary is haunted.
42. "Caller I.D." - The WENN personnel become the listening audience to an unseen jumper.
43. "Happy Homecomings" - Finally, excepting Celia, the entire cast is happily reunited. Not!

Season Four

44. "Some Time, Some Station" - Someone has been shot!
45. "Thanks a Lottery" - Mr. Eldridge wins a lottery. Can he keep from losing the ticket?
46. "You've Met Your Match" - A dating game produces several couples.
47. "And If I Die Before I Sleep" - WENN performs all of Shakespeare's Italian plays.
48. "Hilary's Agent" - Hilary has an agent whose top priority is Hilary's welfare.
49. "Birth of A Station" - A bun in the oven, a dividend, a blessed event . . . on the air.
50. "The Follies of WENN" - Mickey Rooney couldn't have put on a better show.
51. "Pratfall" - It's radio awards time: the Golden Lobe.
52. "Work Shift" - The WENN members exchange work roles.
53. "Past Tense, Future Imperfect" - A flashback. After one day as an intern, Betty begins her first day as an employee.
54. "The Sunset Also Rises" - Sunset Blvd., faded radio star style.
55. "At Cross Purposes" - Nearly everyone cross dresses to avoid being recognized.
56. "All's Noisy on the Pittsburgh Front" - The day of infamy has arrived and WENN prepares to enter another stage. Sadly, the show met it's own Pearl Harbor less than a month later.

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