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The About page explains how my pages came about. But without previous Remember WENN pages, I don't think mine would ever have come about.

The first page I found was Joanne Spataro's Remember WENN Fan Club Page. Her page finally satisfied my curiousity over why so many of the cast kept vanishing (JBL to Aliens in the Family, DS and MS to other projects). But also very significant was a link to Linda Young's Remember WENN page. Linda's page had episode descriptions and a plethora of links to online news items about the show. It quickly became obvious that Linda's site was the leading Remember WENN site, even over AMC's. An opinion shared by the show's creator, Rupert Holmes.

I avoid linking to many WENN sites because I don't want to be picky and choosy. So my main link here is to Linda Young's Remember WENN Website. And part of the reason that hers is the leading site because she already links to the other WENN fan sites on her Remember WENN Fandom page. So to link to all the WENN fan sites, I simply link to her links!

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