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WENNamp Winamp Skin

[ The first WENNAmp, skinned for main, equalizer, playlist and mini browser windows ]

The first Remember WENN Winamp Skin.

Just put the WENNamp zip file (as it is, zipped) in your Winamp skins directory (usually C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins) and select the wennamp with Winamp's Skin Browser (Alt+S).

I also have a picture of the WENNamp at double size including the appearance of the main, equalizer and play list windows when they're in windowshade mode (although by the time the picture completes you could almost have the zip file downloaded and installed).

With the WENNamp, you can listen to your favorite WENN songs, many of which you can find through my WENN Audio page.

Shortly after I completed the WENNamp and made it available, the generous Mr. Rupert Holmes (yes, him!) made the full-length recording of "Remember When" by Mary Stout from "From the Pen of Gertrude Reece" available for personal use by WENN fans through my site. You'll find it on the Rendezvous in Rabat page.

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