[ Road to Rabat ]

[ Cliffhanger ] In the an overhead shot, just before the end, Rollie Pruitt, Victor Comstock, Betty Roberts and Scott Sherwood are in the green room.

Next camera shot - Betty: "Scott".

Following camera shot - Scott: "Hey Betty, I love you."

Next camera shot - Betty: "Buy barley futures." The trigger phrase (literally!) that Victor has psychologically been conditioned to respond to.

In the following shot we see the door, that Scott was last seen holding open, has almost finished it's back and forth swinging as it closes. After very few frames, this sequence is punctuated by what sounds like a gunshot.

What if this cliffhanger had resolved itself in the style of the Hope/Crosby/Lamour "Road" films...

Closing her eyes, Betty said, "Buy barley futures."

Victor was in the green room. Someone had said "Buy barley futures." Only this time the someone saying it in the green room was Betty! The conditioning crumbled as dust against Victor's strongest emotional imperative.

Relief flooded Victor's face as he exclaimed "Betty!" in his normal voice.

"Victor? Your yourself again?"

"Yes, Betty," he said, smilling, as he lowered his gun.

"That's all very touching for those of you with romantic heartstrings to be tugged at, but I am unimpressed...and I've still got my gun aimed straight at Miss Roberts. I suggest you very carefully toss your gun on the sofa behind you, Victor."

They all turned to face Rollie Pruitt, the Nazi co-conspirator who now had the upper hand. Victor was careful to keep the gun aimed down so the panicked Pruitt wouldn't become more alarmed. Scott released the door as he turned.

Victor carefully raised his right arm away from his body until the gun was over the coach's cushions. Slowly, trying not risk Betty's life, he released the gun just as the door had almost finished swinging closed.

As the gun hit the cushion, it bounced off onto the floor, causing it to harmlessly fire at the back of the room. The door finished swinging as Victor, Scott and Betty each jumped, startled at the gunfire.

Rollie didn't flinch a muscle.

"How unfortunate, that gun going off. Now I have less time to deal with you three before someone comes poking their physiognomous protuberance in here."

Victor and Scott glanced at each other.

Scott Sherwood was a stranger to Victor, though something seemed vaguely familiar about his face. And Victor remembered something about him proclaiming his love for Betty. So at the least he had good taste.

Scott Sherwood knew quite a bit about Victor from what he had heard around WENN. He decided to take a risk that Victor had seen one of the two "Road" films that had played in the last two years.

"Well, Victor. I guess this is the end of the line where we say pattycake." Scott could see it in Victor's eyes...he knew what he was talking about!

"Understood completely," said Victor as he reached his two hands to clap against Scott's. "Patty-cake, patty-cake, baker's man..."

Rollie looked confused and worried. "What are you two doing? Stop that or I'll fire now!"

"...Bake them a cake as fast asyoucan!" Victor with his left and Scott with this right punched the startled Pruitt, who crumpled, unconscious to the floor.

Scott and Victor each swish-clapped their hands together at a job well done and then broke out into a chorus of "Teamwork."

When they finished they saw Betty staring at them, impatiently tapping her foot. "You, boys! Well, what do we do now? I guess we should call the FBI."

Scott and Victor looked at each other. "Well, Betty..." started Scott.

"We're..." continued Victor

"...off on the Road to Rabat!", they continued together.

As they continued singing, Betty picked up one of the dropped handguns and tried to decide which of the two to put ouf of her misery first.

[ Scott, Betty and Victor 
on the road to Rabat ]

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