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2024 19 Jan
  • Added further information about the cut content from the muffler scene in "At Cross Purposes.

2022 9 Mar

2021 10 Jul
  • Added audio files from The Follies of WENN.
  • Updated the WENNmas page to include a link to the definitive versions of "Christmas Is Waiting" and "You Make It Christmas."

2016 15 Dec
  • Changed some text alignment in the audio tables on the On the Air page. The overuse of center alignment had created an almost unreadable crazy quilt of words.

14 Dec

13 Dec

2015 21 Jun

2010 23/24 Oct
  • Added a Starlog article about George Hall's part in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles to the Grab Lab. Sadly, the DVD releases have edited out George Hall's appearances as Indiana Jones. His character helped give historical perspective to the events of the episode. His comments at the end of the Verdun episode sent me scurrying to my Grolier Encyclopedia on LaserDisc where I learned quite a bit more. The documentaries created to go with the episodes now fulfill the purpose of "Old" Indy. I understand that. But surely they could have included the bookends as extras? Sigh.
  • Added the Civilization Magazine article to the Grab Lab.
  • Added Adult Contemporary chart data (which includes an additional hit, "The End," for Rupert) to the Where Are They Now? One Hit Wonders page. I also added some more information and links including You Tube (who knows how transient the links will be) along with a few other edits.

31 Jul
  • Added the EastMarket font to site since it is permissable to use it with @font-face.
  • Made changes to the Walk Throughs:
    • The episode titles on the individual Walk Throughs and the season compilations now use EastMarket.
    • Links were updated. I even found a better North Yarmouth, Maine, 1871 map showing the location of Crockett's Corner. The previous location I linked to no longer has one available. You can see the location of the houses and the owners; no Booths as of 1871.
  • Used the EastMarket font on the Season 4 Promotion pages (and here on the Just In page, as well).

28 Mar

2008 20 Dec
  • Winter WENNderland updated. While holding in 1945 (maybe 1946 next year), I swapped out the alternate Sinatra take for "White Christmas" for the take used on the popular 1944 single. Also, I put in a link to information about the Limited Edition compact disc of the "It Burns Me Up"/"My Gal Sunday" performance on the top page and my page on the performance of the plays.

18 Jul
  • Updated several hyperlinks that had grown stale over the years. Also restored some image and audio files that had gone missing.

13 Jul
  • International Mystery Writers' Festival pages were added to the site. This Festival, in June, 2008, presented a new Remember WENN play that combined "On the Air" and "Armchair Detective." The pages cover my trip, the plays and talk I attended, and meeting other WENN fans as well as Firesign Theater member David Ossman.
  • I also made a few style changes, mostly on the main page and the Menu page, for readability.

2007 19 Dec
  • Winter WENNderland (Christmas music of the WENN era) has been updated. Thanks to Gregory Orme, 8 more songs, spanning from 1907 to 1921, have been added. This manages to complete the list! In later years, I'll probably expand further into the post-WWII era as big bands give way to vocalists. Will we ever find out about the lives of our WENN characters in this time period? Who survived WWII? How will they cope with the growth of television? Alas, I'm still waiting to find out if Dale Cooper escaped the Black Lodge. :)
  • The Record Research links at the bottom of the WENNderland page were also updated.

2006 22 Dec
  • Winter WENNderland (Christmas music of the WENN era) has been updated. 7 more songs, spanning from 1916 to 1938, have been added.

2005 16 Dec
  • Winter WENNderland (Christmas music of the WENN era) has been updated. I kept it in the WW2 era assuming we would next join our cast there. Alas, several years have passed. In a month, it will be 10 years since Remember WENN first aired. And so, I advance our WENN listeners to Christmases of the post-war era.

2001 3 Mar
  • The WENN Windows opening logo was being corrupted in some downloads. So I've compressed it into a zip file which should protect the integrity of the BMP and updated the instructions on the page to reflect the change.

8 Feb

2000 16 Dec
  • Rodney Walks Through... is online at liquidweb. All files have had their code overhauled and checked to match CSS and XHTML specifications. The revamped "In the WENN Small Hours..." and "Prior to Broadway" Walk Throughs make their debut. Additionally, "Magic," makes it's first ever debut on the site. (The postings were originally done to the newsgroup in October, 2000.) In conjunction with them is a snippet of "Marche Slav" to go along with the "Barney Google" cut as well as maps pointing out the location of Crockett's Corner, Maine.
  • The About page debuts.
  • The WENN Links page debuts.
  • This just in...the This Just in... page debuts containing "What's New" information

11 Dec
  • WENNmas ("You Make It Christmas" audio) page put up. The page is redone and the audio entirely redone since the simplenet days. The earlier files were from so-so 11 KHz recordings.
  • Winter WENNderland (Christmas music of the WENN era) page up.
  • The top level page and Rod's Café Homage, the site index page, are introduced.

9 Dec
  • rabat.liquidweb.com is established.

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